Day 334: Map quest

MapCartoonWalking through my local park today, I came up behind two ladies in their early sixties chatting away in a language I couldn’t recognize.

One woman was short and stocky in black stretch pants, the other tall and skinny as a whippet and wearing a deep purple blouse and a crinkly peasant skirt.

The tall lady must have dressed in a hurry because the ribbon loops of her skirt (the ones sewn into the lining for hooking onto a clothes hanger) peeked out over the top of her waistband.

As they shuffled along the pathway, the two gestured with their hands and pointed in different directions, talking a mile a minute.

I wondered if I should ask if they were lost, then the shorter one pulled a map out of her substantial canvas handbag and … well, you know what happened next.

In case they didn’t speak English, I spoke as slowly and clearly as possible and asked if they needed help finding their way.

You are here, hahaha
You are here, hahaha

The puzzled expression on the peasant-skirt-lady’s face told me she hadn’t understood a single word. The stretch-pant woman piped up, however, and explained that she knew the way but her friend needed to be shown on the map.

She thanked me for offering, then they both smiled and nodded, and I continued on home.

Turns out, they didn’t need a good deed, after all. (But perhaps I should’ve let the tall one know about her skirt loops….)

P.S. Here’s The Story by Brandi Carlile. Enjoy!


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