Day 337: Singing in the rain

The Good Lovelies "Action Figures."

The Good Lovelies "Action Figures."

Have you ever found yourself walking along outside and suddenly you hear music playing and at first you think it’s in your head but then realize it can’t be because you’ve never heard the melody before? No? Okay, just me then.

That’s what happened to me today on my lunch hour. It was pouring, teeming, bucketing down rain and I heard the sweetest three-part harmony and … a banjo? I swore I’d died and gone to bluegrass heaven. But it was actually an outdoor noon-hour performance in the plaza behind Toronto’s Metro Hall.

The group was called The Good Lovelies. Standing in a partially covered bandshell, the three Toronto songstresses played guitar and banjo and harmonized their hearts out for an audience of about six people huddled under the sound engineer’s flimsy tarp.

I needed to get out of the rain and back to the office but I figured I’d show them some support and shiver under my umbrella for one song. Then two. Then three. Yes, they were that good. So I guess what started out as sort of good turn for them, ended up to be a lovely surprise for me.

As soon as I could, I googled the gals, posted a message on their website thanking them for singin’ in the rain, and ordered their CD.

Here’s their song, “Lie Down.” Enjoy!



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3 responses to “Day 337: Singing in the rain

  1. Heather

    Wow! What a great song! Thanks for sharing, Deb! Good deeds all around – I’m sure you have a bunch of your readers smiling and tapping their toes at their desks! :^D

  2. Love ’em! I’m going to head for their website. They’re so much fun!

  3. Thanks, Heather, it does get your toes a tappin’!

    OWW, their website is fun, too!

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