Day 339: Take me out to the ball game

Martha Stewart's sextuplets are baseball fans? Who knew?
Martha Stewart's sextuplets are baseball fans? Who knew?

I went to the baseball game last night (Blue Jays vs. Boston Red Sox) and I was taken aback by what I saw … off the field.

There were quite a few Red Sox fans there (in fact, our group was caught in the middle of two rival factions).

And what started out as good-natured ribbing back and forth between fans for both teams escalated to a rousing call-and-response game of “YOU SUCK!”

When all else fails, pull out the old classics, I guess.

By the end of the game, I really thought these guys (and one gal) were going to kill each other. They were screaming and pointing, moving closer to each other, veins on their necks bulging. Someone tried to point out to the Jays fans that we were winning, but they were kinda too busy to catch much of the game.

The most incredible thing happened right at the end, though. The female Red Sox fan said something that hit home (pun intended) to all of them and, next thing you know, the two groups were shaking hands, high-fiving and practically bear hugging.

I’m only telling you all this because it reminded me that one person can make a difference. If it’d been me, I probably would have just left, but she stuck around and tried to make peace. And she did.

Oh, and the Blue Jays finally ended their losing streak….

And my good deed? On my way home, a very pleasant gentleman sitting in the subway corridor was holding a cardboard sign that read “Out of work. Out of food.” I didn’t have either for him, but I did put some money in his cup, looked him in the eye and told him to take good care of himself. And he said, “God bless.”

P.S. Very cool song. Enjoy!


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