Day 340: A wheel good deed

Biker gang: Ride for Heart cyclists.
Biker gang: Ride for Heart cyclists.

I’ve been spotlighting everyday heroes on Sundays and today’s is one of those special people who comes through just when you need them.

I’ve never met this person nor do I know his name, but I did see him help out someone in need at a moment’s notice.

I was in the car, stopped at a red light when a man in a wheelchair inched his way across the intersection by pulling the chair along with his feet. He was trying to push the wheels as well but his arms appeared to be very weak.

When the light changed, he’d only made it to the middle of the road. None of my fellow drivers honked at him, however. I think I can guarantee we were all holding our breath until he made it safely to the other side.

Then, a Good Samaritan walking along the sidewalk saw what was happening and rushed to the man’s aid. He came up behind him, quietly offered his help then pushed him to the opposite corner.

You could almost hear a collective sigh of relief before traffic resumed.

Maybe with wheels on my mind, when I got home I sponsored a friend in the Becel Heart & Stroke Ride for Heart on June 7. It’s a bikeathon across the city to raise funds for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

On their website, I found out that heart disease and stroke is responsible for one in three Canadians deaths every year. In fact 15 Torontonians will be hospitalized every day this year, making heart disease and stroke the leading cause of death in Ontario.

After reading that, I’d say all those riders are pretty heroic too….

P.S. And this might be what they say when they get to the end of the ride… “At Last” by Etta James. Enjoy!


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