Day 342: Hunger Awareness Day

A symbolic food drive ... the need is real, however.
A symbolic food drive ... the need is real, however.

I haven’t eaten anything since noon yesterday. And won’t be eating for another 24 hours. Not because I don’t have any food, but to prepare for routine medical tests I’ll be having.

The irony wasn’t lost on me, however, as (stomach growling) I came upon a huge banner downtown today that read “National Hunger Awareness Day.”

The banner was stretched across a stage set up behind Metro Hall (the same stage where I saw The Good Lovelies perform last week, in the rain). On the stage was a wall of Campbell Tomato Soup tins. I walked up to one of the people wearing Campbell’s T-shirts and asked what the cans were for.

Turns out, they wanted passersby to take a minute to walk up on the stage, take a couple of cans and place them in a Daily Bread Food Bank truck that was parked on one side, in a symbolic gesture to raise awareness. There was also a bin for cash donations.

I was happy to do that, and also happy that the volunteers were loosening up as I was leaving and letting people know what they could do to pitch in.

You, too, can pitch in, just by visiting the Help Hunger Disappear website and sending a virtual can of tomato soup to your friends via Facebook. Campbell’s will match every virtual can by donating a real can to Food Banks Canada.

Clear soup, hmmm, that’s something I can actually have ….

P.S. Here’s The Good Lovelies again. Enjoy!


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