Day 344: Oh, rubbish

LitterbugsAs I may have mentioned, ahem, once or twice — lately I have been trying to pay attention to the little things that can make a big difference.

You know, the usual, thanking my bus driver, making eye contact and smiling more often, holding doors open for people.

Then, just when I start thinking those are pretty lame good deeds, I either:
(a) get behind someone who walks through a door then lets it slam in my face; (b) butts in front of me in line; or (c) smiles at me first and brightens my day. So there you go … my day in a nutshell.

Garbage day deed

When I read this story in my local paper, I just had to share it with you. I often kid my husband for tipping the garbage collectors at Christmas time, but this lovely story has changed my view and warmed my heart. Hope it does yours.

Talking trash
“One day recently, I woke up and realized we had missed compost/recycling pick-up by a couple of minutes. I could still hear the garbage truck driving away in the distance.

“(Needless to say, I blamed my husband for sleeping in. After all, I’m normally the one the collects the garbage around the house and brings it to the garage. He should be the one to bring it to the curb.)

“About 30 minutes later, as I was waving to my children as they get onto their bus, I noticed the same garbage truck turn onto my street. I assumed he was simply doing a quick scoop around as we live on a court. But then I heard honking and the truck operator waving at me. He said that he knows we tend to be a bit late at times getting our garbage out so decided to come and check to see if we were up yet.

“With complete amazement, I ran back to the house, told my husband, and we managed to get the garbage out in seconds. Both my husband and I were thrilled…over garbage!”
P. D’Angelo, Toronto

P.S. Sweet music from Mr. James Taylor. Enjoy!


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