Day 346: You look mahvelous

BlindedByLoveCartoonI’ll go easy on you guys, today. I realize my last posts have been longer than the collected works of Charles Dickens, so I’ll try to keep this more haiku-ish.

Today was “compliment day.” If I noticed someone who looked particularly nice, was wearing something new and attractive, or had spruced up their garden, I tried to let them know.

Not empty flattery, mind you. But sincere comments. There are actually quite a few things that come to mind once you start noticing.

I’m usually pretty good about doing that, but sometimes I only make note of said compliment in my head and don’t realize until the moment has passed that I should probably have said something … out loud.

I was reminded how nice getting a compliment feels when I attended a family gathering yesterday. Nothing like family to keep you … um … grounded.

I was wearing some new bargain sunglasses I picked up at a sidewalk sale and was told by various family members that I:

a) looked like a member of the local senior’s centre

b) should be walking with a white cane and guide dog

c) resembled the lead insect in the movie Ants.

You’ll be pleased to hear I have retired them for the season (the sunglasses, not the family members) ….

P.S. This cool event was held here in Toronto yesterday to try and set a Guinness World Record for the most guitars playing together (on a song recently chosen as the quintessential Canadian tune, Neil Young’s “Helpless”). At the 8-minute mark, everyone holds their guitars in the air in a 1,623-guitar salute. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Day 346: You look mahvelous

  1. Sounds like those sunglasses are destined for the bottom of the “I really don’t like this, but I’m not ready to pitch it yet,” drawer. Will they fit a Golden Retriever like me? Size 3 hat size. If Raquel Welch still looks good behind her Foster Grants I’d like a little of that sex appeal. You know a girl never can have too much. (loved your post)

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