Day 348: Souped up

Don't worry, this is not what I donated.
Don't worry, this is not what I donated.

Last week, I needed to go without food for about 48 hours to prepare for a medical test. I can’t remember ever having gone that long without eating before. Heck, I snack between snacks.

The morning before my test, I felt hungrier than a vegetarian at a Rib Fest. Not your run-of-the-mill munchies or stomach growl from missing lunch.

It was more that “I think I’m about to faint” feeling. It occurred to me that there are many people around the globe who feel those desperate pangs every day.

I tried to keep that in mind at the grocery store today as I collected some items for the food bank bin at the front of the store.

When I volunteered packing boxes of produce at the FoodShare charity a couple of weeks ago, one of the mottos I learned was, “Don’t pack anything you wouldn’t use yourself.”

So that was my motto today, as well. I was getting soup for myself, so I got the same thing to give away — minestrone and lentil, two of my favourites.

soupSoup factzi

  • Earliest evidence of soup-sipping: 6000 BC. And what kind? Hippopotamus. [Still my personal favourite.]
  • Origin of consommé (clear beef broth): In the late 1700s, the French King was so enamored with himself that he had his royal chefs create a soup that would allow him to see his own reflection in the bowl. [An early multitasker.]
  • Frank Sinatra always asked for chicken and rice soup to be available to him in his dressing rooms before he went on stage. He said it cleared his mind and settled his stomach. [And how was it prepared? His way … sorry, could not resist.]
  • Andy Warhol reportedly had soup for lunch every day for 20 years. Inspiring his famous Campbell’s soup can series.
  • “Of soup and love, the first is the best.” – old Spanish proverb

P.S. If you like this song, you can finally buy it on iTunes tomorrow, along with an acoustic “A Thousand Miles.” Enjoy!


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