Day 349: More good-deed googling

Rising Star Outreach school: Helping kids reach higher
Rising Star Outreach school: Helping kids reach higher

Cast your mind waaaay back to Day 295. No, not 1995, Day 295. Yes, now you’ve got it. It was the day I did some good-deed googling over at

It’s the amazing search engine that donates a penny to your charity of choice for every search you make.

That may not sound like much, but if 1,000 people with the same charity searched twice a day for a year, the charity would earn $7,300. Nothing to sneeze at. Well, you could sneeze but it would still be a lot of dough for a good cause.

So I searched my little heart out today for the charity Rising Star Outreach. They do good works in India for leprosy sufferers and their children.

What I really wanted to do through GoodSearch, however, was buy a couple of great songs that were released on iTunes today (see video below). If I’d filled in “Rising Star Outreach” in the charity window then typed “iTunes” in the “GoodShop” window and completed my purchase at iTunes, GoodSearch would donate 2.5% of my purchases to that charity.

But, drats, the songs I wanted aren’t available on iTunes Canada … yet. I’ll definitely get them through GoodSearch as soon as they are, however. In fact, I’ll add GoodSearch to my blogroll for easy access.

And, by the way, the same donation arrangement applies for stores like Target and Bloomingdales, and more.

Hmmm, think I need to get searching….

P.S. Here’s one of the songs I wanted to get. Voice, piano and A Thousand Miles. Enjoy!


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