Day 351: Basic training

Now, THAT's the way to take the subway in style!
Now, THAT's the way to take the subway in style!

Sorry to leave you hanging yesterday. But when I got off the bus at the subway station  ahead of my little red toque (now brown cap) friend and his mom, I assumed we’d go our separate ways.

Imagine my surprise when I boarded the subway, leaped into an empty seat and looked up to see those two familiar faces (and the cap), standing right in front of me.

Now, I’ve passed up a lot of empty seats in my good deed attempts this past year, but — true confession time — I’ve never actually been sitting in one and given it up for someone else. (pause for a collective gasp)

I know what you’re probably thinking, “And she has the nerve to call herself a good-deeder!” (I don’t actually call myself that, but never mind.)

In my defense, if you’ve never done it before, it feels really awkward. I don’t know the proper giving-up-your-seat etiquette.

I mean, before you commit yourself and stand up, do you first ask the person if they’d like to sit down? Or would that embarrass them? You know, “Excuse me, you look particularly feeble, please have a seat.”

And not only is this mom über strong and protective, she also appears to be very proud and the last thing I wanted to do was insult her or patronize her in any way.

But her little bespectacled dude was clinging for dear life to the subway post as the car rocked from side to side. (I suspect the drivers get bonuses for every passenger they knock off their feet.)

The mom was balanced on her one good leg. I knew what I needed to do. Etiquette be danged.

I waited until the subway was just about to stop at the station – before the doors opened and a new bunch stampeded in. Then, I quietly stood up and walked to the other end of the car as if I was getting off.

But the mom didn’t budge. I blew it. And yet there was no one else standing … almost no one.

Just before the doors opened, the mom gently pried her son’s arms away from the post and guided him into the seat ….

P.S. Some lovely artwork set to some lovely music. Enjoy!


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