Day 352: Oh-so-tempting Timbits

These bullets of death should be banned from every heart-healthy household ... the chocolate ones are my faves.
These bullets of death should be banned from every healthy household ... the chocolate ones are my faves.

Happy Friday, everyone! To celebrate this day (and the fact that I might finally get to put away my parka this weekend), I picked up a large box of Timbits at Tim Hortons on my way into work.

Then I tiptoed into the office kitchen and left them anonymously on the “please help yourself” counter.

How did this go over in a heart-healthy, high-fibre, free-range organic environment? They vaporized in less than an hour.

For those of you not familiar with Tim Hortons, it’s a coffee-shop chain that is such a big part of the Canadian identity, I’m surprised we haven’t put “roll up the rim to win!” on our flag somewhere.

The face that launched a thousand double-doubles.
The face that launched a thousand Double-Doubles.

Timmies trivia

What was Tim Horton’s real name? Myles Gilbert Horton [*chortles*]

Which NHL teams did he play for?

  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Pittsburg Penguins
  • New York Rangers
  • Buffalo Sabres

What did the four donuts on the original Timmies sign represent?
Tim Horton’s four daughters. [Aww]

What year was Tim Horton killed in a car accident?
In 1974.

What year were Timbits first introduced?
In 1976. [I find it very sad that Tim never got to try a Timbit.]

In which U.S. states can you find a Timmies?
Michigan, Ohio, New York, Maine, Kentucky, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania.

What term that customers use to order coffee at Tim Hortons was added to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary in 2004?
Double Double (Canadianese for “2 cream, 2 sugar”) [Watch out, if you order that in the U.S. you might get four coffees.]

How much did a cup of coffee and a donut cost in 1964?
10 cents each. [*weeps*]

P.S. Someone I know (thanks, HG!) created this very cool video. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Day 352: Oh-so-tempting Timbits

  1. Ah, the power of suggestion: Now you really hit the “food craving” nerve in me! There has to be at least 30 Tim Hortons’ in my area. So, a good cup of coffee is always brewing close by along with my favorite – the cherry Timbit! I think patronizing this local business would be a very delectable good deed for the day!!


  2. Mmmm. Timbits.

    You just put away your parka and I am debating turning off the furnace. Has summer finally arrived in Canada?

    Did you read the article in MacLeans about the whole Lori Horton debacle? Sad stuff.

    Okay, I’ve brought down the house on a Saturday.


    I’ll try and be more cheery on my next visit.



  3. Bea, what a great idea! Do they serve double-doubles where you live? lol

    Alantru, yes summer is finally here! woohoo! No, I haven’t seen that article, will have to check that out, thanks!


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