Day 353: Flower power

Almost like my street ... except it's quaint ... and in France.
Almost like my street ... except it's quaint ... and in France.

I was merely a good-deed helper today.

Our neighbour operates his small medical practice out of the house next door and his mom usually comes by at this time of year to plant a few geraniums out front.

She hurt her knee about a month ago, however, and hasn’t been able to come by. Her husband told us she had bought her flowers, though, and would hobble over in the afternoon to try and plant them.

But her flower beds looked like sad wastelands of weeds and rock hard earth. Too much for her to tackle. So my husband pulled out the spade and rake and got to work. Me? I helped. No, really. I even got my new sneakers dirty in the process.

It probably isn’t technically a good deed because we actually enjoyed ourselves. It was a beautiful day and there is something therapeutic about yanking out those evil weeds and turning over the earth and getting it ready for planting.

Turned out, our timing was perfect. We finished up just as she arrived with her selection of geraniums in tow. It’s now a lovely sight.

P.S. “Asking for Flowers” from Ottawa’s Kathleen Edwards. (My favourite line, “My life is like a picture left out too long in the sun.”) Enjoy!


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