Day 354: Penny for your thoughts

penny-cartoonMy good deeds today involved coins, for some reason. Not the big-ticket loonies and toonies, however, but the smallest of small change.

I think I’ve mentioned that my one superstition is picking up pennies. Not for good luck, really. More for the childlike wonder of spotting cold hard cash in the street … even one-cent worth. I’ve always thought of it as a little signal that your day was about to turn around, for the better. More scientific testing is required to prove my theory, however (government grant, maybe?).

So when I spotted a particularly shiny copper lying in front of me this morning, my initial reflex was to bend down and grab it. I mean the sun was glinting off the Queen’s perky chin, begging to be picked up. I swear she winked at me … not really.

Someday I'd like to wear a tiara....
Someday I'd like to wear a tiara...and be Queen.

But I remained strong and resisted the urge to dive for the coin. I clenched my teeth and forced my feet to keep walking so some other penny pincher could have the quick thrill of the find.

Later, I spotted some pay telephones and realized it had been far too long since it’d left quarters in the coin return as a “surprise” for the next person.

Only there was a guy in a business suit talking on the phone. I figured his cell battery must’ve died on him. So I waited … and waited … and tried not to look like I was eavesdropping. Finally, he hung up and I made my move.

If only I’d turned up a little earlier, he could’ve had a free call….

P.S. Here’s Susie Arioli and band at the Montreal Int’l Jazz Festival. Enjoy!


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