Day 355: Elevator diaries

00708-funny-cartoons-strangersToday was Talking to Strangers in Elevators Day (no cake or balloons, however). I certainly didn’t plan it that way – you may have gathered I don’t plan much of anything – it just sort of happened.

Going up

It all started with a maintenance man who surprised me by hopping through the rear doors. It was a freight elevator, but I forgot about that until I heard a noise behind me and jumped when this guy appeared. He was a short, swarthy man in his forties with a dark moustache as thick as a broom.

It could have been an awkward moment, but we both laughed when I practically jumped out of my sandals at the surprise door opening.

I smiled and said hello and asked how his day was going. And, go figure, he told me. We had quite a nice chat in the freight elevator and we wished each other a good day.

This is probably a common occurrence for many of you. Me? Not so much. Making eye contact with strangers is a major accomplishment for me. Actually I tried that too a few times today. And it did not kill me. It was actually nice.

Going down

And then at the end of the day, I was in the elevator with a lady I’d never seen before.

Her head was buried in her briefcase and she wore a business suit that was dark and somber but her silk scarf was cheery and covered in flowers.

“What a lovely scarf,” I told her. She looked a little startled that I was talking to her … in an elevator … (hey, I startled myself) and she laughed.

“Oh, I’ve had this so long,” she said, “the pattern’s finally come back in style.”

“I love when that happens,” I said.

She laughed again.

Two stranger’s chuckles and a smile – guess it’s a good deed … ish….

P.S. Just got my The Good Lovelies CD and the harmonies are amaaaazing. Enjoy!


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