Day 359: The eyes have it

CartoonT9 EyesAndNose copyHad a bit of a good deed fright today. I was using the automatic token machine at the subway and a sandy-haired man in his thirties appeared at my right shoulder as my tokens came spitting out.

“Spare some change?” he snapped, making me jump. “Two dollars? Two dollars?”

He stood so close, I could feel his breath on my neck. His eyes darted from left to right, possibly looking for transit cops who’d likely escort him out.

I fumbled in my change and gave him a $1 coin.

He looked at the coin and scowled. “Two dollars? A token?”

He was nicely dressed in a neat blue cardigan and matching slacks. Like a high school teacher or a civil servant. Except his eyes were wild.

I’d seen him many times at the subway entrance and also near the token machine but he’d never approached me, or frightened me, until today.

Why did I feel frightened? Mostly the manic, unpredictable look in his eyes, the aggressive, demanding tone in his voice and the fact that he stood so close we could’ve done the tango. Freaked me out I guess. I know he likely suffered from mental illness or maybe just desperation.

I also know he’s just trying to survive, get through each day to see another … just like me….

P.S. I love this movie … and song. Enjoy!


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