Day 360: Pig tales

Think she's read "Charlotte's Web"?
Ms. Wiggles: Think she's read "Charlotte's Web"?

I tried to be a good-deed driver today, keeping a safe following distance, letting other cars into my lane and trying not to knock over any pedestrians.

The busier traffic gets in the city, the more difficult it is to keep your cool so I was very impressed when I read the following story of a recent highway good deed. So impressed, in fact, that the gentleman in the story is my Everyday Hero today.

Everyday Hero saves Wiggles the Piglet
Excerpted from

On Monday morning, a three-month-old baby pig was spotted falling off a truck on Highway 401 westbound.

The wounded piglet might have died on the busy highway had it not been for the kindness of a Good Samaritan named Brian Bowes.

“I was in the fast lane and there was basically a little piglet right in the ditch on the 401,” Brian recalls. “It was shivering and quaking and I was like ‘that pig’s alive!’ So I can’t leave it there.”

Bowes wrapped the piglet – since named Wiggles – in a spare blanket, and drove to the Toronto Humane Society (THS) Headquarters where veterinarians determined that Wiggles was suffering from a broken leg at the knee.

After surgery last week, “She’s doing very well,” says THS spokesperson Ian McConachie. “She’s eating on her own. She’s walking around. She’s staying off her injured leg.”

As to the new name: Wiggles? “She was sitting there in the cage and her little tag was wiggling back and forth and we just thought it was a perfect name,” explained McConachie.


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