Day 361: Happy Father’s Day

fatherdaySince today’s Father’s Day, I got thinking about all the dads who are separated from their kids today, and vice versa. I visited the Canadian Forces message website and read through some of the messages sent to the peacekeepers.

There were short and sweet posts from school kids, one from a young refugee from Afghanistan,a message of support from someone in the U.K., and many, many more.

After I posted my letter, I kept reading. I found this poem/prayer particularly touching and wanted to share it with you:

For Our Troops Lord Be Near Come Home Safe
Oh lord we are so humbled by the efforts of so few
Who’ve stepped forth to meet their nation’s call
To do what they could do
The heart they’ve shown, their family’s tears
Are placed in open view, we cannot deny that they’ve stepped forth
On behalf of me and you

Oh lord be near our precious ones and let not them stand alone
Let them remember we are always near at the setting of the sun
We are in their hearts and spirits
We’re the gentle hug they feel
When they curl up for a moment’s rest
Let them feel our thoughts so near

That fragment of a moments peace, please help it give them strength
To carry forth each and every day
Knowing our prayers for them do reach
For we are in their thoughts and memories
And await their safe return
From a mission towards a better world for each and everyone
Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake, AB

Candle power.
Candle power.

Relay for Life
You may recall that, a while back, I sponsored my dad in the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay For Life.

It’s an event where teams of 10 people participate in a 12-hour overnight relay, taking turns walking, running or strolling around a track surrounded by Luminaries. Each Luminary (a candle placed in a special bag) bears the name of either a survivor or a loved one lost to cancer.

My dad was participating on behalf of his wife, Barb, who lost her battle with cancer last summer. His Milton, Ont., team, made up of two sisters-in-law and their husbands and several friends, raised the highest amount of donations for their event — $22,000 in total — for cancer research.

Way to go, pops. Happy Father’s Day!

P.S. Here’s one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite singers (who just happened to be born in the same city as my dad — Belfast). Enjoy!


One thought on “Day 361: Happy Father’s Day

  1. So pleased you found the poem I wrote on the Canadian Forces message board just prior to Fathers Day. This was the poem I placed for fathers day on the same site unfortunately I wasn;t able to have it there on that day as it was written fathers day morning. It was written with the children of our fallen in mind as well as our serving fathers and their children. Thank you for your site and your efforts:

    My heart pains for the children who’ve lost a dad to war
    Please know he’s standing very near, not quite like he was before
    But you can find him deep, deep down inside, in memories or a thought
    Of a time you could-a or should-a had in all the love you would have got
    Learned from the child of a fallen one, if you gather all your thoughts
    Place them forth in a balloon and send them high aloft
    They will rise into the heavens to where he is standing near
    Your wish for him on Fathers Day will become so very dear
    My heart pains for the fathers, so far away from home
    If they could, they would be standing near, they would not feel so all alone
    My heart pains for the children, whose fathers have stepped forth
    To bring about a better world for the children on this earth
    I know you miss them dearly, especially on this day
    For a father’s place is proudly found in the bright smile upon your face
    Please find that smile when he was near and place it there today
    For he’s thinking of his family with a wish he could hear you say
    I love you dad I miss you so, wish you hadn’t gone away
    Wish you were near to hold me close on this your Fathers Day

    By: Roger Borchert
    Wishing you all, all the best on Fathers Day
    The Borchert Family, Slave Lake Alberta

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