Day 363: Java Joe with the flow

Joetoon009It suddenly occurred to me this morning that I am two days away from Day 365 … my GDAD one-year mark. (The sound you just heard was the ruffle of calendar pages fluttering by … you know, like in the movies.)

But, to be honest, after my strike-out yesterday, I started to question whether I should continue past 365. I asked myself, have I learned anything? Am I making at least a teeny tiny bit of difference each day? Can I count higher than 365?

I mean, giving away a free coffee should have been a breeze for someone with 365 days of good deeds under her belt. And yet I failed miserably, epically.

In my defence (aka making excuses), part of the problem is that I’m a shy person. No, really. Look up “shy” in the dictionary and there’s a picture of me … hiding behind a fern.

And as you may have noticed, I tend to over think things. Simple things. Like gifting a coffee.

But over thinking things is what I do best (I also didn’t want to give up), so I kept wracking my brain to figure out the best way to give a stranger a free cup of coffee.

Do I hand the card to the cashier and tell her to use it for the next person? But if she’s really busy, she might forget and toss the card aside. Should I pick a random guy and explain the whole thing? But if the person is a good-looking stranger, he might think I’m coffee-flirting.

Then, about a block away from the coffee shop, it came to me. I knew exactly what to do, what to say. I just needed to pluck up my courage and go for it.

JavaJoesRoastingLogoI was nervous walking into the shop, like I was about to give a speech. In a way, I was. A speech for one.

The lineup was short. I joined the queue and then a tiny woman with long curly brown hair lined up behind me. She was with two friends and they were discussing what to get.

I listened as I poured my cup. My hand was trembling. My heart started to pound.

“What is the big deal?” you’re probably thinking, “Get a grip!” … actually, that was me talking, to myself.

I was this close to chickening out again and needed a kick in the pants … or a hug. And then the strangest thing happened. And when I say strange, I mean, cue the Twilight Zone theme.

A song came over the sound system. (No, not Twilight Zone music, but it might as well have been.) It was a song by the artist whose music and thoughtful character helped inspire this whole blog. (See the About Me page for the scoop.)

Maybe I’m certifiably insane, but I took it as a sign of sorts … a sign to stop whining and get with the GDAD program.

Talk about a kick in the pants, it was a body slam. And it worked. In one fluid motion, I paid for my coffee, pulled out the free coffee card, handed it to the woman next to me, smiled my biggest smile ever and blurted out, “The next coffee’s free. Happy Tuesday!”

She laughed, took the card and said, “Are you sure?”

I said, “Yes, enjoy!”

She smiled warmly and thanked me and off I went into the night … um, I mean, day.

I think I now know what to do after Day 365 … I think I’ll keep on keepin’ on. Thanks for listening, folks… and if you have any ideas for me for Day 365, puh-leaaaaase share!

P.S. Here’s another song by what’shisname. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Day 363: Java Joe with the flow

  1. yes GDAD!, keep on keepin’ on,- you are inspiring and I thank you! Day 365? how did that get here so fast? you need to celebrate for sure. (not sure how). I believe the idea will come to you, just like your nudge today!!!

  2. Way to GO!!!!

    I agree with refnaf – you ARE inspiring! I was riding my bike to work this morning, and I could see a big beige something in the middle of the road up ahead while cars and fellow cyclist tried to squeeze around it. Knowing that you, GDAD, try to do a good deed every single blessed day of the year, there is no way that I could just ride past it.

    I prayed that it was not a run-over dog (which is what it looked like), and stopped, put up my kickstand and went out on the road to see that it was – a big brown-paper lawn clippings bag.

    Whew! I moved it to a bin at the side of the road. My GDAD-inspired good deed.

    Good day!

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