Day 364: Extra, extra, read all about it

newspapercartoonThis morning, I accompanied my husband for a routine medical test that I had done a few weeks back. A colonoscopy. Fun stuff. Ask your doctor if you’re a candidate for one and you, too, can join our select club.

Seriously though, colorectal cancer is serious business and early detection does save lives. My guy got the all clear, I’m more than happy to say, and I will gladly try to drum up more business for the clinic.

I give the staff there credit for maintaining a sense of humour about the whole thing. In the preparation instructions they mail to you, for instance, they say things like, “although you’ll be on camera, no need to dress up.”

You know who else has a sense of humour about the topic? Colon Cancer Canada. Their motto is “We’re behind your behind.” Seriously. (It is a very catchy slogan, I must say.)

No laughs to be had, however, when I was anxiously awaiting my own test (at the same place). I remember kicking myself for not bringing something to read. (All they had were back issues of The Lower Bowel Gazette or an equally fascinating periodical.)

So today I brought my newspaper with me and even though I’d only read a small section of it, I left the whole thing in the waiting room for the enjoyment and/or distraction of the other patients, families and friends.

I figured it was the perfect thing to leave behind. Nothing like reading about a looming garbage strike, unrest in the Middle East and the swine flu outbreak to make your own worries seem not so worrisome ….


One thought on “Day 364: Extra, extra, read all about it

  1. After I had a colonscopy last year, several people I know shared with me their stories of family members and friends with colorectal cancer. One fellow I worked with told me he was running in a very cool-sounding fundraising event called The Underwear Affair. It’s to benefit “often underfunded, taboo cancers like prostate, colorectal, testicular and cervical.” Participants do the run in their skivvies! The website is uncoverthecure [dot] org.

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