Day 365: A year in the life

Just like my rainbow ... if you replace the falls with a Tim Hortons.
Just like my rainbow ... if you replace the falls with a Tim Hortons.

So here we are at Day 365. Wow. Where does the time go?

I was planning to do something big, significant, monumental even, for Day 365, but when I looked back at my post on Day 1, my very first deed was a very small one. I passed up a vacant seat on the bus so an elderly lady could sit down instead.

Don’t get me wrong, big is good, great even, when it comes to good deeds. Go Oprah! Go Bill Gates! Go Anonymous Philanthropist Peeps!

But they all had to start somewhere. And put enough small good things together and … well, you catch my drift.

So in the spirit of smallness – and of coming full circle – I went back to my good deed roots today and let another passenger dive into the empty seat that opened up right in front of me on the bus.

It wasn’t an elderly lady, though. It was an athletic looking guy, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he had a stretched hamstring or a groin pull or something and really needed to sit down.

Trouble is, I then had to scribble in my notebook while standing. And when I pulled out the book, the pencil I keep tucked in the coil binding came flying out. It launched like a missile and nearly blinded the woman sitting in front of me.

Thankfully, she had lightning fast reflexes, and was able to dodge my projectile pencil just in time. It rattled safely to the ground.

A pierced eyeball would not have been a good way to cap a year of good deeds. So thank you, Isaac Newton, and anyone else who supports the laws of gravity.

fireworks2And thanks very, very much to each one of you reading today! Happy New Year!

Rainbow connection
We had a crashing, thrashing thunderstorm here today. But as I rode home on the bus, the sky cleared, the sun burst through the clouds and I saw the biggest, most beautiful rainbow I’d ever seen.

It was like a scene from a movie. Every head craned to look out the window. People on balconies were snapping pictures. And smiles, smiles all around.

I couldn’t stop staring and smiling and as a man walking with a cane approached me, his back to it, I pointed up and said, “Rainbow.”

He turned and looked. “Oh yeah,” he said in a low voice. “Cool.”

P.S. Michael, R.I.P.


4 thoughts on “Day 365: A year in the life

  1. Congrats GDAD!!! An entire year! I am soo impressed. Rainbows have always been the most special thing for me, and that you got to see one on thes anniversary day is perfect! Rainbows are a promise, of good things to come!!!

  2. There is an expression “actions speak louder than words.” Not so with you. Congratulations for creating this inspiring blog… certainly comparable to your year of good deeds!

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