Day 367: City of brotherly love

Sooo lifelike ... amazing, isn't it?
Sooo lifelike ... amazing, isn't it?

I found myself in Philadelphia this weekend. A kind and generous friend made the last-minute invitation and off I went with another friend to the City of Brotherly Love.

And it really is. The place is bursting with good-deed-doers. My friend tripped on one of the many granite curbs and a passing nurse stopped to offer assistance. He was so eager to help, in fact, he seemed almost disappointed when she told him she was perfectly fine.

It’s a lovely city full of historical sites of great significance in American history — and there was one in particular we didn’t want to miss … the “Rocky” steps made famous by a sweaty, spunky Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa.

We lined up to take pictures beside the statue of Rocky and I offered to take a picture for a young man who was there all alone.

He gave me his cell phone to snap the shot and explained he was about to do a unique pose, and to wait for it. He proceeded to lift his bicycle over his head and I snapped the shot.

Unfortunately, the cheeky device started asking me all sorts of impertinent questions. “Where did I want to save the image?” “Did I want to send the image?”

“My arms are getting kinda tired,” the poor guy whimpered under his wheels as the line behind me grew longer … and longer.

Luckily, a techno-savvy woman from further back in line came to the rescue, grabbed the phone, pushed a few buttons and voilà, Bicycle Rocky had his pic.

I guess it’s also the City of Sisterly Love….

P.S. I got to do this, too! And couldn’t resist calling out, “Adriannnnnn!”


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