Day 368: Taking it slo-o-ow

Speaking of steps ... here are mine at the top of the "Rocky" steps in Philly. (Gee, Mr. Balboa sure had small feet.)
Speaking of steps ... here are mine at the top of the "Rocky" steps in Philly. (Gee, Mr. Balboa sure had small feet.)

Something happened today that made me realize the mere act of waiting can be a good deed.

After being stuck late at the office, I was rushing home to meet my sister and niece, who were waiting there patiently for me to help with something on the computer.

It was pouring, but I dodged the raindrops and flew down the subway steps to catch the train just before the doors slammed shut.

When my stop came, I started to bolt for the door, but noticed the oldest woman I’ve ever seen rising from her seat beside the door. She was stooped so far forward she looked like a candy cane.

I realized she wanted to get off the train and I stopped in my tracks just in time. I could have barrelled right past her but the breeze I created might have knocked the wisp of a woman over.

She rose from her seat so slowly, she was practically in reverse. It was like watching time-lapse photography.

But I held my ground — and my breath — and risked both of us getting stuck on that car if the driver decided it was time to go before she made it onto the platform.

Every step she took seemed to require great effort. I didn’t know how to help her beyond giving her the space and time she needed to do what she needed to do.

We did both get off the train in time. And then we hit the stairs.

Normally, I don’t really notice these steps. But today I looked way up at the top and saw the peak of Mt. Everest. I couldn’t imagine how she was going to make it up there.

But she soldiered forward, gripping the handrail and snailing her way up one step at a time.

She was managing okay, so I didn’t want to offend her by offering my arm or anything, but I did take my time going up so I could make sure she made it to the top.

And she did. Proving that slow and steady may not win the race but at least it keeps you in it until the finish line….

P.S. Lovely song for a not-so-lovely day. Enjoy!


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