Day 369: Happy Birthday, Canada!

Restigouche by canoe ... how Canadian can you get? Oui?
Restigouche by canoe ... how Canadian can you get? Oui ou non?

July 1st is Canada Day (celebrating the day we officially became a country back in 1867, just in case you were wondering) and I’m including an all-Canadian roster of good deeds in honour of this most … um… Canadian of occasions. One deed is mine, the rest from lovely readers. Enjoy!

My mini-deed … a deedette, if you will

I saw a sign in my local Mountain Equipment Co-op store that mentioned “letting your voice be heard” about protecting Canada’s wilderness. My good-deed antenna started tingling (you know, like Spidey senses) and I checked it out back at my computer.

The site said, “Tell decision-makers that you support The Big Wild vision for protecting Canada’s wild spaces — add your voice today.” So I did, all online at The Big Wild website.

Turns out, the Big Wild was founded in 2008 by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) and Mountain Equipment Co-op, to help protect and celebrate Canada’s large wild expanses: our forests, lakes, free-flowing rivers and stunning coasts.

Orca sighting by kayak. Wow.
Orca sighting by kayak. Wow.

According to the site, “Canadians know how lucky we are. Nearly one quarter of the planet’s wild forests are inside our borders; 20% of the world’s fresh water and 24% of the planet’s wetlands are Canadian, too. It’s an incredible national treasure and it’s under tremendous pressure… [The Big Wild] is people working together to ensure at least half of our wilderness is protected forever.”

Sign me up! I said. And I did. (Note: These stunning photos of the Canadian wilderness are all from the site.)

A reader’s deed
by OneWeirdWord, Toronto, Ontario

“I was riding my bike to work this morning, and I could see a big beige something in the middle of the road up ahead while cars and fellow cyclist tried to squeeze around it. Knowing that you, GDAD, try to do a good deed every single blessed day of the year, there is no way that I could just ride past it.

”I prayed that it was not a run-over dog (which is what it looked like), and stopped, put up my kickstand and went out on the road to see that it was – a big brown-paper lawn clippings bag. Whew! I moved it to a bin at the side of the road. My GDAD-inspired good deed.”


Ram plateau. Don't you just want to break out singing O Canada?
Ram plateau. Don't you just want to break out singing O Canada? Or "Ricolaaaaaaa!"?

Reader’s deed #2
by Roger Borchert, Slave Lake, Alberta

“So pleased you found the poem I wrote on the Canadian Forces message board just prior to Father’s Day. This was the poem I placed for Father’s Day on the same site, unfortunately I wasn’t able to have it there on that day as it was written Father’s Day morning. It was written with the children of our fallen in mind as well as our serving fathers and their children. Thank you for your site and your efforts.”

My heart pains for the children who’ve lost a dad to war
Please know he’s standing very near, not quite like he was before
But you can find him deep, deep down inside, in memories or a thought
Of a time you could-a or should-a had in all the love you would have got
Learned from the child of a fallen one, if you gather all your thoughts
Place them forth in a balloon and send them high aloft
They will rise into the heavens to where he is standing near
Your wish for him on Fathers Day will become so very dear
My heart pains for the fathers, so far away from home
If they could, they would be standing near, they would not feel so all alone
My heart pains for the children, whose fathers have stepped forth
To bring about a better world for the children on this earth
I know you miss them dearly, especially on this day
For a father’s place is proudly found in the bright smile upon your face
Please find that smile when he was near and place it there today
For he’s thinking of his family with a wish he could hear you say
I love you dad I miss you so, wish you hadn’t gone away
Wish you were near to hold me close on this your Father’s Day

Go light some fireworks, folks!


3 thoughts on “Day 369: Happy Birthday, Canada!

  1. Well, I for one think your mini-deed (or ‘deedette’) isn’t so mini at all!

    It’s the voices of Canadians that will move politicians, decision-makers and campaign organizers to act. By adding your voice to The Big Wild, you’re telling these folks that you (and over 14 000 other Canadians so far) care about Canada’s wild places, and you want to see at least half of our wilderness protected, forever.

    So while you’re right that adding your voice is a pretty simple thing to do, it has a huge impact – it could be the difference between watching our treasured wild spaces disappear bit by bit and seeing a full 50% of those spaces saved and enjoyed forever.

    Whew! I guess all this is my somewhat long-winded way of saying “Thanks for supporting The Big Wild! It means a lot.”

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