Day 372: Click power

twittercartoonIt’s been a quiet, rainy day here in GDADville, so I took the opportunity to pay a visit to some of the “click for charity” sites listed on my blogroll.

I did a little good-deed googling, helped fund free mammograms, stop hunger and give free books to kids … all from my keyboard.

I also visited a great site called and found this heartwarming story. Hope you like it too.

Side by Side
–posted by Aurelia

I was shopping at the local department store and noticed this young man in his late 20’s looking carefully for children’s clothing and putting together really cute outfits to buy. This is a small store and when I went to the checkout counters, they were closed and the courtesy desk called me over there to check out. Wouldn’t you know the young man was checking out there, too.

We were side-by-side and I could see and hear his conversation with the cashier.  When the total appeared on the cash register he looked down and said I don’t have enough money. He put back a shirt, and he was still short for money. Now, I myself, am not overflowing with money because my hubby is unemployed, but when I saw this guy putting back underwear and socks, I was heartbroken.  Here he was trying to buy some nice clothing and needed items for his children.

I asked, “How much money are you short?”

He said, “$5.”

I said, “I have it,” and I reached into my pocketbook and handed over the money to him. He about fell over and was so thankful to me. I asked that he “pay it forward” in some way. When he left, the two cashiers said they’ve never seen that before except on TV.  I told them I had seen him spending a lot of time in the store shopping and I wanted him to be able to follow through on his good deed for his kids.

P.S. Happy 4th of July to my American cousins. Here are some fireworks just for you. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Original cartoon found HERE.


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