Day 374: Shall we dance?

LavMy husband and I had a very loooooong drive home from Vermont and when it was my turn behind the wheel, I tried to be as considerate as possible especially on the highway.

The average speed was about 120 kph, so it seemed like a good idea not to follow too closely, to signal in advance of changing lanes and keep up with traffic without breaking the sound barrier.

When we hit the service station for a rest stop, my GDAD practice really kicked in, however. It was a combination gas bar/convenience store with one large bathroom at the back for both men and women. (Not at the same time, however … I don’t think. Never mind.)

I took my place in line and guessed from the high-pitched squeals and cries inside that it was either a parent struggling to take care of a group of little kids, or the sign on the door was wrong and it was actually the entrance to a day care.

They were in there so long, the young woman ahead of me in line baled, leaving me in the front. The guy behind me left as well and a dad took his place holding his young son’s hand. The boy, who was about 7 or 8, was doing the two-step known around the world as the Pee-pee Dance. (I believe in cultured France it’s called La Dance du Pépé, and in Rio, of course, it becomes a very awkward Tango.) But I digress….

The kid hopped from one foot to the other so fast he could have understudied for Riverdance. He wore a plaid peaked hat with a puffy crown, like an engineer’s cap, and his face was contorted into a knot of intense concentration his dad probably wished he’d use during math tests.

When the bathroom door finally opened and The Von Trapp family filed out, I turned to the little dancing guy and said, “Why don’t you go on ahead.”

He didn’t need to be told twice and raced through the door — or rather, hopped through in a flash.

His dad thanked me and asked which direction I was headed, east or west?

“East,” I said. “To Toronto.”

“That’s west,” he said.

“Oh, right,” I laughed, about to do the I’ve-Got-to-Go-Go myself.

When the boy bounced out smiling, he kept on bouncing past his dad and to the front of the store.

Or at least I assume that’s where he went. I had other things on my mind ….

P.S. Here’s a lovely song for a rainy Monday. Enjoy!


One thought on “Day 374: Shall we dance?

  1. Sorry this is off-topic but I couldn’t find your email address, so I’m leaving this here…

    I’m trying to spread the word about a fundraising project I’m working on. I was hoping I could send it your way and you could pass it on to anyone you know who might be able to help.

    I’m recommending people do a “give up coffee for one day for Ellie” (and donate their Starbucks money for that day) or “cook dinner for Ellie” (invite 10 friends over for a meal and everyone chip in $5 for an Ellie donation). Just little things. We’re all about the budget philanthropy over at Spread Change!

    Anything you can do to help would be great!

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