Day 378: Chocolate cheer

So THAT's how they do that!
So THAT's how they do that!

I passed a young student today selling chocolate-covered almonds on a busy downtown corner.

The poor kid could never cut it as at telemarketer – the only telltale sign that he was selling something was the way he struggled to balance the stack of candy boxes in his freckled arms.

I had to go right up to him and ask if the boxes were for sale. Poor little guy looked bewildered by the whole process so I asked if he was selling them for charity and he showed me his official charitable status badge and explained the money would support the Kids Care Club.

When I looked up the organization online, I was truly humbled by the good works these young good-deeders are doing all across North America.

Just to give you an idea, here are some of the kind endeavours of one of the clubs – one that was named “Club of the Month” on the Kids Care website:

B.C. Kids Care Club
B.C. Kids Care Club

West Heights Caring
Kids Care Club
Mission, B.C.

The West Heights Caring Kids Care Club, in Mission, British Columbia, was started by Jacqueline Fisher, after she read and was inspired by the book “Me to We” by Marc and Craig Kielburger.  She checked out the Kids Care Clubs website and decided to organize a Kids Care Club at her elementary school as a way to start teaching children the joy of giving, including her own six children which range in age from 10 months to 12 years.

The club is open to all and 11 to 15 children attend the meetings regularly. They start their meetings by discussing the issue (often in regards to poverty), and then they do a project that relates to it. The projects range from small local acts of cheer to more elaborate efforts to help children in third world countries.

Socks, Gloves and Scarves for the Homeless

What would it be like to be homeless? The children shared their experiences of encounters with homeless in their community. They collected socks and gloves to go in special parcels for the homeless. They made the scarves themselves from fleece fabric. They assembled lunches, made “Christmas Cracker” crafts, and wrote personal cards and letters.

Literacy Celebrations — Book Collection and Reading to Others

Books were collected and sorted for local charities and donated to the Reading Tree, and a school in Africa. During Literacy Month, club members read books to the Kindergarten class and wrote their own storybook about being a caring hero. Each child illustrated a few pages of the book that was later presented to an early childhood program. “I was excited that kids in Africa could read these really good books!” said a West Heights Caring Kids Care Club member

Thank You to Firefighters

Community help and service was discussed and the children decided that they wanted to thank their firefighters with Valentines and a chocolate treat.

They melted chocolate in the school kitchen (microwave) and created delicious treats.  The firefighters (all 50 of them!) were delighted with this surprise and sent back coloring books, stickers, pencils and pins for the club.

Random Acts of Kindness” Week Contest

The West Heights Caring Kids Care Club discussed how one child can start “random acts of kindness” and what it can become. They shared ideas about acts of kindness that they could perform and set up a “Random Acts of Kindness” week at their school. They also gave out handmade “pass-along kindness cards” for keeping track of one’s act of kindness. The winning class did 700 acts of kindness during that week!

Kids Care Clubs commends this club for the extensive outreach they have done locally and especially globally in nine short months.

Kids Care Clubs is pleased to be joined by Quaker in providing special recognition for the Club of the Month. Members of the West Heights Caring Kids Care Club will receive a special gift directly from Quaker to share with their families and friends.


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