Day 380: Kraft Dinner time

If I had a million dollars ... yes, I would buy more!
If I had a million dollars ... yes, I would buy more!

Sisters are wonderful, aren’t they? No worries about getting too pleased with yourself when they’re around.

I was at the grocery store with my sis today and just before heading to the checkout, I remembered I wanted to pick up a couple of items for the food bank bin at the front of the store.

I wasn’t sure what to get so I relied on that old standby, Kraft Dinner. And what was on sale but the store-labelled version.

When my sister saw what I was placing in the cart, her eyes widened.

“You’re getting that?” She lowered her voice to a whisper. “Generic?”

I’d clearly made a food bank faux pas.

“Why not?” I asked innocently. “What’s wrong with that?”

Without further ado, she proceeded to tell me: “A person will line up at the food bank for hours only to get stuck with No-Name KD?”

It almost worked. She almost guilted me into switching brands. Until I remembered one important thing ā€” I sometimes buy the same box for myself. And it tastes exactly the same.

So generic it was. Labels schmabels….

Did you know?

  • Canadians eat almost 100 million boxes of Kraft Dinner a year ā€” three times more per capita than Americans. [Did not know that.]
  • Kraft introduced the product in the U.S. and Canada in 1937.
  • There are regular promotional tie-in versions of the Kraft Dinner. Packages have come with noodles in the shapes of various characters popular with children, such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Flintstones. [Fred and Wilma pasta shapes, that I’ve gotta see.]
  • In Canada and the United States, Kraft Dinner is offered as an option at Burger King restaurants. [Really? I’ll need to verify this, peeps.]
  • Singer Kurt Cobain, who suffered from a rare stomach disorder, reportedly stipulated in Nirvana’s tour rider that his diet consisted only of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.
  • Canadian alternative rock band Barenaked Ladies mention Kraft Dinner in their song, “If I Had A Million Dollars.”

P.S. And here it is. Enjoy!


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