Day 385: Kool dogz and katz

Top Cat was one kool kat.
Top Cat was one kool kat.

Most of my good deeds involve people, but in the interest of branching out to other creatures great and small, today I visited the Free Kibble and Free Kibble Kat websites to help out our four-legged friends.

At each site, you can play Bow-Wow or Meow Trivia (how cute is that?), and 10 pieces of kibble will be provided to participating animal shelters for every question you answer correctly.

The pressure was on but I did my best. My question was:
The U.S. has the highest dog population in the world. Which country has the second highest?
a) England
b) Australia
c) Japan
d) Brazil

I reasoned that A, B and C were islands, so I chose D. I almost switched to A, because I know British people love their dogs. (I mean, have you seen The Queen with her corgis?) But I stuck to my guns and picked D, Brazil. Final answer.

And that was correct! I got this response: “Yes! Brazil has the 2nd highest dog population in the world. (China is 3rd, Japan 4th…) You have just donated another 10 pieces of free kibble.”

That was so much fun, I went off to Free Kibble Kat. There I found a trick question:
The Abyssinian is one of the oldest known cat breeds. Where did they come from?
a) South Africa
b) Abu Dabai
c) Egypt
d) Abyssinia, an island in the Mediterranean

Was almost tricked into going for D, but my first instinct said C and… Yes! “The Abyssinian were originally bred by ancient Egyptians. NIcknamed ‘Child of the Gods’. You have just donated another 10 pieces of free kibble.”

A Queen's best friend.
A Queen's best friend.

More about Free Kibble
So who started this cool site? Turns out it was Mimi Ausland, a 12-year-old girl from Bend, Oregon, who wanted to help feed the hungry animals at her local animal shelter.

“There are tens of thousands of dogs and cats in animal shelters across the country,” she explains on her site, “all needing to be fed a good meal.”

The two sites originally provided free kibble to the Humane Society of Central Oregon, but have now added 13 new shelters to the program (from Oregon to Florida) and plan to expand the program to many more.

P.S. If you visit the Free Kibble site, there’s a link to many fun doggie videos in the Media Centre (bottom right corner), including this one. Enjoy!


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