Day 388: To the letter

mailcartoonGot a very official-looking envelope from the bank in the mail today. Luckily, before I tore it open, I noticed it had someone else’s name and address on the front. The house number was the same and I did recognize the name of the street, however. I was fairly certain it was the street on the opposite side of the park I often walk to.

I could have just tossed it back in the mailbox, but I definitely needed the exercise. So I took a stroll over to the park and found the street without a map. (This is a major accomplishment for me, I’ll have you know.)

I lucked out in that the family had a big shiny brass mailbox hanging on the wall beside their front door so I didn’t have to knock or search for where to leave the envelope.

I did feel a little strange walking up the driveway delivering mail at that late hour, though. I looked up at the picture window to see if I could spot any curtain twitching but all seemed quiet inside, not even the telltale blue glow of a TV screen.

And, thankfully, no Rottweilers started barking or motion sensor lights blinded me as I walked up the front step.

Fairly lax security when you think about it – they might want to do something about that. Maybe I’ll drop off a helpful note next time….

P.S. I heard Ray Charles and Betty Carter singing this Cole Porter song (“Everytime We Say Goodbye”) this morning on Jazz FM and fell in love with this version (I don’t know the young couple in the video but their pics are very sweet). Enjoy!


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