Day 389: Morning has broken

School Bus Driver CartoonI’ve been slowly but surely chipping away at the iron-clad defenses of my bus driver. I don’t always catch the same bus every day, mind you, but often enough that I see one particular driver a few mornings a week.

The first few times I hopped his bus, I’d say my brightest, cheeriest good morning only to be met with a grunt — perhaps a quick nod if he was really bubbly.

He wears his reflective sunglasses like a shield to protect him from the hordes of demanding passengers — can’t say as I blame him.

But day by day I’ve spotted signs of a thaw. First, he replaced the squint with a mumbled “Mornin’.” It may have been delivered in a stony monitone but at least it involved using multiple syllables.

Soon after, when I’d thank him as I got off, he started saying ‘Uh huh” … definite progress.

But today was the clincher, he actually pushed the shades to the top of his head, looked me in the eye and said “Good morning” before I could get out a single word. I almost dropped my token.

Guess it is true … good things do come to those who wait….

P.S. Here’s a song that mentions that very thought. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Day 389: Morning has broken

  1. You’re like a ray of sunshine. The kind that doesn’t require sunglasses.

    Thanks for all your efforts on this site. I think about your posts often when I’m out and about–you’ve made great impressions on me. Thought I’d let you know about a click-for-charity site that I stumbled upon: http://www.what kindof Have a great day!

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