Day 391: What kind of world do you want?

Let a smile be your umbrella.
Let a smile be your umbrella.

The rain came down in buckets here today. It was like being inside a car wash.

So when I saw a white-haired lady ahead of me in church this morning drop her umbrella on the way in, I picked it up and returned it to her right away, knowing she’d likely need it on the way out.

I didn’t think it was that big a deal but she gave me the most warm appreciative thanks when I handed it back. Her sincere smile and the grateful twinkle in her eyes stayed with me the rest of the afternoon. I guess sometimes you can brighten someone’s day even when you’re on the receiving end of a kind gesture. Cool.

Speaking of kind gestures, a reader let me know about a great website where you can contribute to charity just by watching videos (thanks, Mollie!)

So, today, I donated money to the Save the Children charity by watching a number of them, including one called “Inspire Hope,” filmed by a high school class, and another called “Seven of Many Virtues.”

The site is called “What Kind of World Do You Want?” and every view of one of their videos (created and uploaded by members of the public in answer to that question) sends $1 to the charity associated with that video. (along with Save the Children, the charities include Autism Speaks, Operation Homefront, and others).

The site is the brainchild of John Ondrasik, an L.A. singer/songwriter who records under the stage name Five for Fighting (he did the song, “Superman (It’s Not Easy).” The name for the project comes from a line in his song, “World” … and here it is. Enjoy!


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