Day 393: Good horse sense

No, this isn't my boss, but it is Seabiscuit ... what a beauty...
No, this isn't my boss, but it is Seabiscuit ... such a great movie *sniff* ...

Over the years, I’ve sponsored walkathons, bikathons, even skip-athons but today was the first time I’ve ever sponsored a horseback-ride-athon.

My boss is an ace rider from way back and she’s saddling up this weekend, rain or shine, for an eight-hour, 25-kilometre trek on her trusty steed Zambucca for the Al Humphrey Memorial Ride.

The third-annual event is being held to raise funds for the Make A Wish Foundation of Toronto and Central Ontario and the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre in Newmarket, Ontario.

And who the heck is Al? Turns out, he’s a local hero of sorts — the “Al” of Al’s Tack Shop, a local landmark for the saddle-up set. Legend has it, Al had an open-door policy at his Tack Shop where charities were concerned.

RideforAlAccording to the ride newsletter, “Whether in need of a location to host a ride or ring space to host an event, charitable and non-profit organizations have been welcomed at Al’s since the 1970s.”

Sounds like a good-deed guy from way back….

P.S. Here’s a horse-themed video for the occasion. Enjoy!


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