Day 399: Telephone tag

PhoneMessageCartoonlGot home today dog-tired after a long commute and a hectic day and saw the voice-mail light flashing on my phone.

I don’t know about you, but seeing that green light blinking sets my heart a-flutter … my initial thought is usually, “aw, someone’s thinking of me.” That someone is usually a carpet-cleaning company or my bank, but it’s still nice to get a message.

Today, the message was long and very detailed, but unfortunately, not for me. It contained directions and instructions about obtaining a special permit for some sort of upcoming church picnic.

The caller left her number and it sounded important that “Bonnie” call her back.

Probably no need to tell you what happened next … but of course I will….

I gave Bonnie’s caller a ring, expecting to get her machine, but a familiar voice answered … the one I’d just heard on my voice mail. For some reason, I became tongue-tied and started stuttering.  (I guess it gave me a jolt coming voice-to-voice with an actual person.) I’m just glad she didn’t assume it was a prank call and hang up.

But I managed to pull myself together, explained that she’d left her message at the wrong number and that it had seemed important.

“God bless you!” she exclaimed breathlessly.  “Thanks for calling, most people would have just erased it.”  She had an airy sing-song voice, I wondered if she also led the choir.

“Oh, no,” I said. “It was no trouble at all.” And I meant it.

I have no doubt most people would have done exactly the same thing … I mean, who wants to be the one who rains on the church picnic?

P.S. A little Paul for y’all. Enjoy!


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