Day 401: Weed whacker

DandelionWhy did no one tell me how much fun pulling weeds can be?

My neighbour’s been away for a few weeks and his mom (a.k.a. his head gardener) has been busy entertaining out-of-town guests, so the weeds were growing fast and furious, as weeds do.

I thought I’d spend 20 minutes or so thinning them out on their lawn, but then a strange thing happened — I started to enjoy it.

Grasping clumps of the evil nasties with both hands and yanking with all my might felt strangely satsfying.

It also gave me the time and clear head I needed to plan a shopping list, remember where I’d left my favourite hair brush and come up with a foolproof solution for global warming … okay, just the first two.

I have no doubt the hardy things will grow back by the time my neighbours return but maybe not all of them — I think they’re afraid of me now ….

P.S. This is very cool. Enjoy!


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