Day 402: Good gracious thee

16th-century hottie Sir Walter Raleigh workin' the puffy shirt
16th-century hottie Sir Walter Raleigh workin' the puffy shirt

Did somebody put some good-deed potion in the water fountains today? Every time I turned around, I seemed to spot another random act of kindness.

First there was the nice young man on the bus who gave up his seat for a mature lady carrying a heavy bag … no, not me, haha. And he did it so smoothly and politely, you could tell he’d done it before.

Then there was the man walking in front of me who dropped a $5 bill. Someone else’s good-deed reflexes were quicker than mine, however, and faster than you could say, “Hey Mister,” he said “Hey, Mister” and returned it to him.

Last, but not least, as I rushed toward a narrow doorway separating me from the platform where I saw my bus idling, a man kindly stepped aside and sort of semi-bowed as he extended his arm in a “go ahead” gesture. Like Sir Walter Raleigh motioning for Lady Soandso to board the carriage first.

It was so gentlemanly, so gallant, that it put a smile on my face for the whole way home — a nice reminder to me that little things do make a difference….

P.S. Song for a Friday. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Day 402: Good gracious thee

  1. GDAD…. your stories and the way you tell them continue to inspire me…. , and Sir Walter…. kinda handsome, in a ruffley sort of way..

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