Day 403: Meryl Streep meets The Beatles

Meryl cooks as Julia Child.
Meryl cooks as Julia Child.

I saw the movie Julie & Julia last night (great flick, btw β€” they should just give Meryl Streep her Lifetime Achievement Oscar now and get it over with). I only mention this because it was a little weird watching a movie where half the storyline follows a blogger.

My husband kept kicking my shin every time there was a scene about how she was neglecting her spouse … ouch, in more ways than one. I’m thinking I may have to start taking weekends off to give him a break. I’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime, I bought a raffle ticket to support The Arthritis Society of Canada today. I know several people who suffer from this painful disease and I was happy to support the cause.

abbeyroadwebcamRandom coolness
I also wanted to share two cool websites with you. The first one I found out through a friend (thanks, Mariellen!). This weekend marked the 40th anniversary of The Beatles landmark album, Abbey Road. And you can keep an eye on this historic crosswalk at the Abbey Road Webcam. (Try humming “Polyethelene Pam” while watching it, just for fun.)

From Michael Hughes' "Souvenirs" series.
From Michael Hughes' "Souvenirs" series.

The other is a collection of “Souvenir” images by photographer Michael Hughes. The U.K.-based shutterbug roams the world teaming up souvenirs and their original locales.

Fascinating fact about the VW Bug in the original Abbey Road album cover. In 1986, the car was auctioned for $23,000. It is now on display at the VW Museum in Wolfsburg, Germany.

P.S. Here’s my favourite part of the whole album. Don’t forget about the “hidden track” at the very end. (Do they still do those?) Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Day 403: Meryl Streep meets The Beatles

  1. Hey there! It’s been OVER A YEAR already??!!! Congratulations on sharing goodwill and good cheer for 365+ D!

    I’m laughing at this post as friends of ours have recently returned from the UK. The highlight of their trip? Abbey Road. …I’m wondering if you caught them via the AR web cam site? Seriously – this father and daughter duo did the walk. They said it took them forever because there was a huge line up to do it. :^)

    Congrats again on keeping the good deeds flowing. My guess is many of your readers have followed suit. I think of your deeds often and try to read your blog whenever I can (more so now that I’ve bookmarked it in my favorites!!).

    Cheers! :^)

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