Day 404: Rainy days and Monet

Claude Monet kind of day.
Claude Monet kind of day.

The rain, thunder and lightning were so fierce last night, I thought the windows might blow off.

Today’s forecast was calmer but still wet, so instead of my compact umbrella, I decided to bring a proper one into work. (Is it wrong to love an umbrella, btw?) My brother gave this one to me for my birthday a few years ago —  it has a Monet painting on the fabric … um, a pretend one.

Funnily enough, the sun was out as I waited for the bus. And luckier still, after I bid the driver good morning, I spotted a single empty seat, by a window, no less. And since no one was standing, I could sit guilt free.

When we reached the station and I stood up, however, I realized why it had been vacant. It was wet. And now my own seat had that cold clammy feeling that took me back to waterlogged boat trips of days gone by. I could’ve joined The Soggy Bottom Boys band.

I managed to put aside the discomfort of my damp derrière momentarily as I thanked my driver, but as I stepped off the bus I started to wonder how I could have warned the next group of passengers about the wet seat. If I had put part of my newspaper on it, they’d have just moved it, or started reading it.

And there was no time to write a note.

My mind pingponged: Note. Write. Hands. Empty. I’d left my umbrella on the bus!

I gasped. Loudly. And started to run back toward the bus, which was just pulling away. My heart sank. Then I heard the most lovely sound ever.

“Is this your umbrella?”

This wonderful lady wearing a heavy backpack and orthopaedic wedgies had my Monet brolly in her hands.

I could have glomped her in a big hug right there but settled for the biggest, most heartfelt thank you I could muster.

Rain or shine, she is my Everyday Hero today.

P.S. You probably won’t believe this part, so I put it in the P.S. On my way home, I was inches away from a subway seat and a lady threw her arm in front of it before I could sit down … another wet one. And another hero saves the day.

P.P.S. Here’s a rainy day song from the winner of three music awards at tonight’s TCA Awards. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Day 404: Rainy days and Monet

  1. What a sweet story! You do so many thoughtful good deeds for others; and when you least expect it, the kindness is “doubly” returned to you!
    I’d say you definitely found sunshine on a rainy day!

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