Day 406: Cafe, s’il vous plaît

csan43lWhen we last saw Ms.GDAD she’d failed epically at giving away her “free coffee” card at the local Java Joe’s caffeine emporium. We find her now bravely returning to the scene of yesterday’s debacle, card in hand and not afraid to use it … okay, a little afraid.

If you’ve ever thought giving away free stuff is easy, give it a try, you’ll be surprised how hard it can be.

What you need is a plan, so that’s what I tried to formulate on my way into work this morning, a plan.

And because I had a plan, I was able to walk calmly toward Java Joe’s … amble, really … pour my coffee, greet the nice lady at the cash as I paid for it, stamp the last square on my coffee card before the magic FREE space, then stroll over to the guard at the security desk.

You see, she was the linchpin of my plan, this unsung hero in a blue polyester uniform. I’ve noticed on previous visits how helpful and accommodating this person is.

Every time I walk by, she’s answering visitors’ questions, giving directions or providing other info.

So I leaned on the counter and said good morning, then asked if she drank coffee or tea (thought I’d get that out of the way right off the bat).

She crinkled her brow in puzzlement and said a tentative “yes.”

“Great,” I said. “Here’s a card for a free one, as a thank you!”

Still puzzled, she thanked me and off I went … if at first you don’t succeed, pry pry again.

P.S. Here it is again, just ’cause, La Chanson du Cafe. Enjoy!


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