Day 407: Shirley Temple time

That's her! (Minus Gary Cooper.)
That's her! (Minus Gary Cooper.)

I had my knickers in a twist this morning – almost literally. I was late for work, had missed my bus and had just sat down on the next one when a 6’4” wall of businessman sat next to me flattening my pleated skirt. I was not a happy camper.

But just before I could growl at him to move, I heard a melodious giggle.

I peeked behind me and there sat a blond ringleted five-year-old bouncing on her seat like it was a ride at the fair.

She was pointing out the window, showing her dad how the blades of grass on the lawn outside were blowing different directions in the wind.

For the rest of the trip she provided a running commentary on the passing parade – from construction sites (“hard, hard work”) to bus shelter posters for a water park (“wheeee!”) to other details I usually whiz on by without noticing.

Oh, and she sang too. Making up little tunes of her own. (“We’re on the bus todaaayyyy” was my personal favourite.)

By the time we got to the subway station, my knickers had untwisted and I tried to see the world through her eyes – wide with wonder and delight.

So instead of stampeding off the bus to try to get in front of everyone, I sat there and waited for her and her dad and almost everyone else to get off.

In fact, I would’ve been the last of all, only I think the person across the aisle had the same idea….

Shirley Temple on the rocks.
Shirley Temple on the rocks.

What’s in a Shirley Temple?

● 6 ounces ginger ale
● 3 ounces orange juice
● 1 ounce grenadine
● ice
● maraschino cherry garnish

Origins: The Royal Hawaiian Hotel at Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii, claims to have invented the Shirley Temple cocktail in the 1930s. The drink was named for child star Shirley Temple, who often visited the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and the Beverly Hills restaurant.

P.S. This is not how I climb the stairs. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Day 407: Shirley Temple time

  1. Explanation of Shirley Temple’s relationship to Dewey Alvin Ganzel:
    Thomas STANLEY (Timothy and Thomas Stanley’s great-grandfather)
    Peter STANLEY (Timothy and Thomas Stanley’s grandfather)
    John STANLEY (Timothy and Thomas Stanley’s father)
    Timothy STANLEY (Sibling)-Thomas STANLEY (Sibling)
    Abigail STANLEY (1st Cousin)-Hannah STANLEY (1st Cousin)
    Samuel COWLES (2nd Cousin)-Samuel PORTER , Jr. (2nd Cousin)
    Thomas COWLES (3rd Cousin)-Aaron PORTER (3rd Cousin)
    Josiah COWLES (4th Cousin)-Joanna PORTER (4th Cousin)
    Martha Cowles (5th Cousin)-Mehitable CLEVELAND (5th Cousin)
    Lucius ATWATER (6th Cousin)-Elizabeth LATHROP (6th Cousin)
    William ATWATER (7th Cousin)-Eliza ALLEN (7th Cousin)
    Edwin William ATWATER (8th Cousin)-Reuben Smith Brown TEMPLE (8th Cousin)
    Bessie ATWATER (9th Cousin)-Francis Marion TEMPLE (9th Cousin)
    Frances Eliner GROSS (10th Cousin)-George Francis TEMPLE (10th Cousin)
    Dewey Alvin Ganzel (11th Cousin)-Shirley Jane TEMPLE (11th Cousin)

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