Day 411: Meet and greet

greetercartoonStore “greeter” must be one of the most boring jobs ever. Maybe one notch above construction flag holder or dry cleaner in a nudist colony.

And I know from boring jobs. I was once in charge of watching bottles  of Tums roll by on an assembly line. I know I was supposed to be checking for something really, really important, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. (I did get to wear safety glasses and a hairnet, however. Quite the look.)

At least I didn’t have to smile and be cheery as my eyes glazed and my back seized from standing in one spot for ages.

These store greeters have to pretend they’re happy to see you and welcome you in with a big smile and a hello while their knees are probably ready to buckle. And they can’t even drink tons of coffee to keep their eyes open because then they’d have to leave their post and run to the bathroom.

All these things ran through my mind today at the mall. So, each time I entered a store, I tried to turn the tables and greet the greeter. I’d stop for a bit and ask how they were doing, if it had been busy and then thank them as I was leaving.

Sounds measly, I know. But, on the other hand, if someone had done that for me in my safety-glasses-hairnet days, I would have welcomed the distraction … and maybe even hooked them up with some free Tums….

P.S. To rattle your boredom, here’s a moment of cuteness from the Cute Overload website. Enjoy!


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