Day 414: Once was lost but now am found

GPSNext time you’re in town and need directions, try to find me — then ask someone else. If you want to get to your destination, that is.

As I may have mentioned, my sense of direction is, um, flawed. To the max. So imagine my horror in the subway station when I saw a petite Asian lady approach me with “that” look. The look that says, “I’m lost, please help!”

How could I tell her I’d love to, but then she might end up more lost than she was already.

Instead, I smiled and asked if she needed help. She explained that she’d been reading on the southbound train and missed her stop. I laughed because I’ve done just that. (I think either Harry Potter or Life of Pi was the culprit.)

Her accent was heavy and she was flustered, but she managed to explain where she needed to go and — miracle of miracles — I was able to tell her.

Gotta love a happy ending….

P.S. Here’s one of my favourite songs these days. Enjoy!


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