Day 417: A hot tip

TipCupphotoDon’t you love finding a $5 bill in the pocket of an old coat? Or a shiny quarter on the sidewalk?

Even spotting a stray penny on the road can make my day.

So when I saw some spare change at my feet today at the local coffee shop, I got that warm fuzzy feeling and automatically reached for the coins.

But when I stood up, I noticed there was a half-filled tip bowl beside the cash register. And, well, you know the rest.

I know what you’re thinking. I would have tipped the coffee pourers anyway. … um, nope.

Now, this may shock you, coming from Ms. GDAD, but I rarely do that. It feels a little weird tipping at a self-serve. But when I saw the bowl sitting there with the light glinting off the coins inside (not really), I realized those nominal amounts do show the staff that their customers appreciate the work they do.

Maybe I’ll get one for my desk….

P.S. Cool video and song. Enjoy!


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