Day 419: On guard for thee

"On Guard for Thee," painted by Ardell Bourgeois of the Canadian Forces Artists Program
"On Guard for Thee," painted by Ardell Bourgeois of the Canadian Forces Artists Program

I can’t imagine what it must be like to watch a loved one march off to a war zone.

A friend’s 19-year-old son recently did just that and although she’s so very proud of him, she’s also terrified of losing him.

With that in mind I posted a note of encouragement on the CF’s “Morale Message Board” and took a read through some of the lovely notes over there.

Here’s a small sampling:

“Steady as she goes soldiers — you’re always on our minds
Take care and keep a sharp eye”

“Hey, I am a cadet (sea) on the south shore  of Nova Scotia. I am planning on going into the military myself in four years. I think the work you men and women are doing over there and here is wonderful. Thanks.”

“Hi!  Just wish to say THANKS on behalf of the people of the world.
May god bless each and every one of you.”

“Words can not express the debt of gratitude  the people of Canada owe to our courageous members of the Canadian Forces.  God keep each and everyone of you safe.  Thank you for keeping our country safe and free.”

“I attended the Toronto CNE Warriors’ Day Parade yesterday.  There marching proudly were our older vets and our newest soldiers.  To witness these generations of dedicated and selfless service men and women march together created an unparalleled atmosphere of pride and heartfelt thanks from all the audience. This was evident by the support and cheers from everyone.  I am a babyboomer proud to be born in Canada and I thank you for all your sacrifices and efforts to keep us safe and free.  I wish and pray that you will all come home safe to be reunited with your awaiting families.  God Speed.”

“Bravo à tous pour votre sens du devoir d’aider les autres, je vous admire beaucoup. Bon courage, je vous envoie de bonnes pensées positives pour que tous reviennent sain et sauf de votre mission. Bravo encore une fois.”

P.S. This video is a tribute to U.S. military families but the message, I think, is a universal one. Enjoy!


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