Day 420: Tools for schools

crayonsIn the grocery store today, I was planning to find an item or two for the food bank bin by the front door but I spotted another type of bin as soon as I walked in.

The big box was labelled “Tools for Schools.” The information printed on the front indicated that this U.S. grocery chain (Price Chopper) is collecting school supplies from Aug. 2 to Sept. 19.

The Salvation Army will then distribute the pens, pencils, notebooks, markers and the other supplies to schools in need.

I realize now that I always took my school supplies for granted. According to the “Tools for Schools” flier, 94% of teachers report spending their own money for supplies. And they are tools. Tools for learning.

espressoteacherSo I took a look through the aisles and found some pens, spiral notebooks and a binder to place in the Supply Drive box. It took me a while to make my choice, however.

As soon as I stepped in front of the array of supplies, I was instantly transported back to those end-of-summer school-supply shopping trips. I still feel a tingle of excitement buying pencils, colourful Post-its or a pack of felt pens. And a fresh never-been-rubbed eraser? Oh my.

I don’t know if it’s the promise of learning new things or heading into a new season, but don’t you find that September rekindles that “back to school” feeling, no matter how old you are?

Even more than January 1st, to me, September 1st always feels as though a whole new year is about to begin.

So, Happy New Year, everybody!


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