Day 423: Attitude of gratitude

Yikes, I thought shillelagh's were just walking sticks!
Yikes, I thought shillelaghs were just walking sticks!

This morning, I witnessed one of the simplest but most startling good deeds I’ve come across.

Let me back up a bit. For a while now I’ve been trying to make a point of saying good morning to my bus driver when I board the sardine can on wheels. Then, when I disembark, I thank him or her for getting me safely to my destination. (Cheesy, I know … but I like cheese.)

Now that I’ve gotten in the swing of things, these “good mornings” have become an enjoyable way to start my day.

But if I end up at the rear end of the bus and get off at the back door, I’m forced to dispense with all such “thank yous” or “have a nice days” … or so I thought.

Today, a tall senior in a red cardigan leaned on his walking stick as he climbed into the bus and found a seat near the rear door.

He didn’t let his back-door exit stand in the way of his gratitude, however. He simply called out a hearty “Thank you!” toward the driver (who responded with an equally booming, “You’re welcome!”) as he hobbled his way off the bus.

I may need to muster up some courage (and warm up my vocal chords), but I’m determined to give it a go!


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