Day 425: Cry, baby, cry

Japan's Crying Baby Contest* (I kid you not).
Japan's Crying Baby Contest* (I "kid" you not).

I’m sure you’ve all taken a plane, train or automobile trip at some point with a crying child.

Well, this morning, I sat behind a two-year-old whose piercing wail sheared the inner membrane from my eardrums. This kid had the lungs of a thousand Pavarottis and wasn’t afraid to use them.

To try and do a good deed (and preserve what little hearing I had left), I attempted to distract the child with a goofy smile and a wave.

Higher pitched screaming ensued.

To his credit, her dad tried everything – the pickup, the bounce, the bribe – all to no avail.

Then a miracle happened – when we reached the station, the junior Town Crier broke out in a smile and even waved “bye” to each passenger.

Then another miracle! Instead of shooting the dad a dirty look, one of the passengers offered to help pops lift the big stroller off the bus. Amazing.

If you’ve seen any random acts of kindnesses lately, please share. Would love to hear about them!

babyCryingContest2* And in case you were wondering:
Japan’s Crying Baby Contest: The Nakizumo ritual features giant sumo wrestlers and tiny babies who square off outside the Senso-ji temple in Tokyo. The baby who cries the loudest wins the contest.

“The contest takes place under the gaze of a statue of Danjuro Ichikawa IX, a famous kabuki actor who first played the part of hero Kamakura Gongoro Kagemasa in the kabuki play Shibaraku. Kagemasa was a famously strong child, and crying sumo is held to pray for children’s healthy growth,” Mainichi Daily News reports on its website.


One thought on “Day 425: Cry, baby, cry

  1. Crying baby contest?? what will they think of next?

    I sneezed in the elevator and all 4 ppl there said “God bless you” – it was nice

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