Day 426: Litter ladies

Is this not the coolest thing ever?
Is this not the coolest thing ever?

Sometimes litter is downright dangerous. Like today. When rushing to get off the bus, I nearly missed sliding on one of those extra-long beer cans that look like they belong in a Simpsons cartoon.

It was not fun to pick this baby up – it was hot and wet and sticky and I dribbled a few drops on the floor when I moved it because it wasn’t completely empty. Gross.

But there was a can recycle bin at the bus stop where I got off so I quickly ditched it and practically ran home to wash my hands.

Good deed on wheels

A friend passed along the story of one of her own random acts of litter collection (thanks, OWW!) and I’ll share an excerpt here:

On my ride home last night, I spotted a huge pile of I-dunno-what in the middle of the road, causing cars to stop in puzzlement, and then drive way around it … I pulled over and put up my kick-stand. Once again, it was a big brown smushed lawn clippings bag, only this time it was filled with twigs, mostly likely from the Aug 20th big storm.

“Most of the cars going by, had their windows open and several people called out ‘thank you!’ as I cleared it all away (it took about 4 trips to the curb). Another cyclist came along, and said, ‘that’s very nice of you!’

“Boy, I sure felt good. Thanks for the inspiration, Ms Good Deed a Day!”

No, thank you!

Happy Labour Day long weekend, everyone!

P.S. I love a cappella groups and here’s a very cool one from MIT. Enjoy!


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