Day 428: JumbaFundraising

Why am I starting with a video this time, you ask? Excellent question! That’s because it’s part of my easiest, most fun good deed ever.

Today, I watched this and a few other hilarious videos on YouTube’s JumbaFund channel. Every month, JumbaFund donates all the profits earned from YouTube to a charity of the viewers’ choice. So, just by watching videos on JumbaFund, you raise money for the charity of the month.

Wow, how easy is that? The July/August revenues of $1,626.46 were donated to Invisible Children, an international charity that provides education and other support for children in Uganda.

Who is KevJumba?
KevJumba (real name Kevin Wu) is the 19-year-old comedy videographer behind JumbaFund.

Here’s a sample of his sense of humour: In Wu’s “I Have to Deal With Stereotypes” video, he says that the three stereotypes he must deal with as an Asian are that he is “cheap,” a “nerd,” and has “no social life.”

He tries to prove that he is not cheap by stating that he recently bought a “brand new, top of the line, TI-84 calculator.” 😆

In 2008, such comedy shorts jettisoned him from obscurity to most-subscribed comedian in a matter of months.

This year, Kevin Wu began JumbaFund, a YouTube channel dedicated to collecting money for charity. He posts goofy videos such as throwing paper airplanes off the Golden Gate Bridge, scaring his floormates or riding his bike in the hallway.

Might not sound like much, but in May 2009, the thousands of views of these “goofy” vlogs resulted in a $1,708 donation to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Well done, Kevin!


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