Day 431: Flower power

A detail from a Vincent Van Gogh painting ... ain't it grand?
A detail from a Vincent Van Gogh painting ... ain't it grand?

I learned something today. Now, I’ve learned a lot of things over these past 431 days (namely, if you’re going to pick up litter, do it before the rainstorm), but today was different.

Today, I learned about the selfish side of good deeding. Not the deed itself, but how nice it feels to receive a thank you or a smile or even a nod of gratitude. And what a letdown it is when you don’t.

Let me back up a little. I bought a bunch of sunflowers at lunch time for a friend, but thought I’d first give flower away randomly to a stranger. Just ’cause.

I spotted a lady sitting all alone eating her lunch at a patio table. Aha! The perfect candidate.

I came up behind her and placed the flower on her table. “Happy Thursday,” I said. She flinched a little and said “Thanks,” without looking up from her sandwich. I walked away feeling a little deflated.

That’s it? I thought. No gushing? No gasps? No clutching the blossom to her bosom?

Then I remembered how scary it can be to sit alone in a public place and be approached by a stranger, even one bearing a sunflower. Especially since I came up behind her. She was probably silently screaming, “Please don’t mug me!”

Or she might have thought it was some type of gimmick for the Toronto International Film Festival, which had set up an event tent nearby.

No matter. So long as the flower — or not getting mugged — brightened her day, my deed was done.

That’s what I learned today ….

P.S. On a bit of a Beatles kick these days … and painting. Enjoy!


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