Day 432: Meeting George Clooney … sort of

So sad he's let himself go like that ... sigh.
So sad he's let himself go like that ... sigh.

Dear friends, you’ll have to forgive me. I know I did a good deed today. I’m pretty sure I did a few small random acts of kindness, actually, but I can’t for the life of me remember what they were. My mind has gone completely blank. Blame it on George Clooney.

I was walking to the subway with a friend and colleague, minding my own business, when who has the temerity to appear before us but Mr. Facts of Life himself.

They had set up a roped-off area for a Toronto International Film Festival event at Roy Thompson Hall and there he was flashing that killer smile and dashing swagger. How is a person supposed to remember any deeds that took place earlier today, good or otherwise?

The nerve, I tell you…..

P.S. For all you tennis fans out there, if you’re watching the U.S. Open this weekend, tune in early to catch this young gentleman belt out a soulful version of America the Beautiful. Here’s his Stand By Me. Enjoy!


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